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Jun 29, 2020 — The Autonomous Mobile Robot Phollower is used in a hospital in Slovakia (Kosice - Saca) for autonomous transportation of drugs and medical material between hospital central medications storage and hospital departments located on 11 different storeys empowering hospital pharmacy management.

This is enabling safe distribution of drugs and hospital material without personal contact also into zones where special restrictions have been applied or quarantine is applied.

Robot can move along its global path, and reach the goal without colliding with static and moving objects. Version of AMR for hospital purposes was designed with respect to dimensions of hospital elevators and its sufficient space for all of the hardware components, drives, the lifting platform and two battery packs. The footprint of the current AMR version is 600 mm, the height of the base is 270 mm and the platform length is 1250 mm.

AMR Phollower weights 75 kg and nominal load is limited to 60 kg of cargo. Using the latest B&R hardware components and the most recent software stacks for autonomous localization, navigation and mapping we have developed a logistics solution which is suitable for use in the more demanding tasks even in hospital environments. The AMR hospital version project was co-developed with Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.

The main features of the current model Phollower 100:

  • Autonomous navigation
  • no magnetic tape required
  • 360° Laser scanner area
  • 3D camera
  • Odometry
  • Mapping
  • Trajectory creation
  • Obstacle detection
  • Remote control
  • Adaptive safety zones

The AMR is able to navigate itself on the basis of lidar, 3D camera and a virtual map. The laser scanner area covers 360° whereby the body of the robot has an interchangeable front and rear with zero turning radius which allows reversible movement. The AMR uses odometry and allows trajectory creation with custom curves and instant map redrawing. The variability of Phollower 100 offers many use cases - it can be used with collaborative robots, carry boxes, pallets or pull payload of any kind.

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